Friday, April 9, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: Spring Breakin'

Isn't my phlox lovely?  Ah, spring!  I love it.

We took a break from our regular schedule this week (along with everyone else in our area) and got a few things done, like cleaning out the girls' dresser drawers.  That's always fun.  What fits, what doesn't, what can be given away, what can be put away until cooler temps roll around again, etc.

But we also planted seeds in our raised-bed garden and starter egg cartons, which I consider educational.  The girls have high expectations for this, our first endeavor into gardening.  Our ambitious planting scheme includes: cherry tomatoes, cucumbers (bush-type), carrots, watermelon (at Tiny Girl's insistence), strawberries, basil, zinnias (purple, pink, AND red), hollyhocks, and foxglove.

Miss Priss also put in two salvia plants.

Himself is skeptical:  "You have more seeds than you do garden space."  I figure we'll see what comes up and replant, if necessary.  We're also planning to transplant some of the flower seedlings to other areas in our yard.  We can also always pass along seeds to any interested friends.

The funny thing is that we'll be in Maine when most of this is ready to harvest.  I guess Himself will be giving a lot of produce away!  Although I intend to transplant two tomato plants and one cucumber plant to large containers and take them along with us to Maine.

April continues its lovely dance.  Deciduous trees are leafing out in earnest, and several other blooming varieties have burst forth, like this beautiful redbud.

I had originally planned to clean out our study/schoolroom this week, too.  But when the sun is shining, it's far too easy to put off that sort of chore, isn't it?

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  1. We started our first adventure in gardening with a square foot garden. So far, going good. Looks like you guys are enjoying yours.


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