Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Campin' Queen Cries Uncle

First, you'll be glad to know we survived the Girl Scout camping weekend.  Thank heavens I bought -- at the last minute -- enough disposable rain ponchos for our group.  That gives you a good idea of what the weather was like.  The girls had a great time, which is the point of it all, but I was glad to get home to my own comfy bed.

However, after spending the weekend squelching through mud, waiting out thunderstorms to run through the night to the bath house, and all the other glories that embody the group camping experience, I decided to postpone our family camping trip originally scheduled for this weekend.  One (read: I) can only do so much.

Besides, Himself is not available this week to pack the camping gear, and that it his arena.  How's that for an excuse?  Yes, I thought it was lovely and convenient, myself.


  1. Do we get some photos?

    I totally agree - two weeks of sloshing through the squelchy mud sounds a bit OTT for this comfort lovin' gal.

    I love camping too, but home is better. Besides if Himself is not available, well then, it was meant to be...

  2. Yes, you've done your part, it's wise to spread the fun...and did you manage to take pics in the rain, with umbrellas, ponchos, etc? :-)

  3. It's supposed to rain again this weekend. Good decision.


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