Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Home is Always Messy

And here's why:  we homeschool; ergo, we are always home.  Except for when we're rushing out the door to an activity or event.

Also, our house is child-cleaned.  Each week, the girls are assigned a cleaning detail, either kitchen or household.  Kitchen detail includes loading and unloading the dishwasher, setting and clearing the table, and mopping the kitchen floor.  Household includes dusting and vacuuming the downstairs rooms and cleaning the girls' bathroom.  The next week, they switch details.  Some weeks we are so busy, the house gets a lick and a promise.

To be honest, the girls are not quite as thorough as I would be, but I think it's important that they learn not only the mechanics of housecleaning but also the regularity of it.

To be even more honest, since I'm on a roll here, housecleaning is not my favorite thing to do anyway.  Perhaps I should re-word that: housekeeping is not my favorite thing.  I don't know too many women who love to clean, but I do know women who are skilled at keeping their homes tidy and photo-shoot ready and also derive enjoyment from those tasks.  I don't.  For me, there's always a good book to read instead or something else to do (whether more enjoyable or not).

I prefer to think of my home as comfortable.  Not shabby, but not a showplace, either.  So if you'd like to discuss good books over a cup of tea, then welcome.  Just move those socks off the chair so you'll have a place to sit down.


  1. I'd love to go to discuss a good book with you and reciprocate the invitation too :-)
    It's very important to teach them to clean, even if they do it less carefully. I agree with you, I always have something more interesting to read than to clean.
    SWB has an article called, don't clean the kitchen, read the classics, so it's a common thing for hs'ers, I guess. :-)
    Have you heard that saying a house not so dirty that it's not a healthy place, or so clean that it's not well lived or cozy, I can't remember it exactly.

  2. I enjoy a clean house, but I have to be in the right mood to enjoy the actual cleaning. Actually, I've learned that clutter drives me quite batty! But comfortable, or specifically, welcoming, is much more important, I think.

  3. SANITARY is the name of the game! Homeschooling demands so much of my time that perfection in housekeeping is a distant dreamland. But my home will never make anyone ill (I'm so proud)! And even if my books are never all put away, I love that we have them and love that we read them! Thanks for your honesty about your home. Quite refreshing!

  4. I always think that a house that is too perfect is intimidating. Will I leave mud on that cream carpet? Will I leave a dent in that perfectly arranged pillow?

    I also agree in having Jemimah's help in house cleaning, but I'm afraid we have more of a struggle actually achieving that than you seem to.

    I'd happily remove those socks from the seat for a chat over books. Next year, maybe we'll be in the States...


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