Friday, April 16, 2010

In the Trenches: Math, Part 2

If you read yesterday's post, you know how I've been re-evaluating our math choices for one of my children.  My own feeling of inadequacy, as I shared yesterday, has fueled my anxieties for my child.  A common enough situation, eh?

I received two wonderful comments (read below) and found that both Jeanne and Silvia helped guide me to a path to take.  And, as I read their advice, I also realized that this is a perfect case in which my weaknesses and negative experiences may actually help me better teach my daughter.

By paying close attention to how she learns or processes mathematics, I can tailor our curriculum so that it's a better fit for her.  I can add or remove as I deem appropriate, and we can go at her pace and not worry about "finishing."  Frankly, I don't recall ever finishing a math textbook when I was in school.  Sometimes, we even jumped around.

Isn't it amazing how often the things that disturb us the most turn out to be opportunities to make something better?  What a wonderful example of grace at work.


  1. You say we are an inspiration to you, but YOU are an inspiration to us and all the moms who, like you, encounter difficulties with our own relationships to some subjects, with their children responses to different programs or the learning process.
    I'll be adding your two last posts to mine so people can see how that theory can be used in practical cases of being stuck on math or any other subject.
    When my girls are your girls age, I want to be like YOU.
    I only see the theory now, but I'm sure months or a few years from now, I'll be the one with these questions and situations, and I know YOU'll be there to remind me of what I preached to you, :-))) You can start your comment like "I strongly advice you" ha ha ha ha, I'll get a blast!

    Keep us posted!

  2. Hurray! Aren't blogging friends the best!!!!!


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