Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Sound and the Flurry

Well, at least the flurry (of my life) of my life this week. I can't produce the sound here.

Here goes:

Himself out of town, middle school choir, riding lesson, drama troupe, parent meeting, prayer group meeting, orthodontist, piano lessons, sick dog, practice ride, pony bath, Wednesday night church, practice ride, shopping for new horse show clothes suddenly needed for weekend horse show (ch-ching!), another practice ride, another pony bath, sick child, re-check for sick dog, doc-in-the-box appointment for quick strep test for sick child (negative; just a virus), library visit, equestrian center for schooling to prep for horse show, ANOTHER pony bath, cleaning tack, Himself returns home (yay!), awake at 4:30 AM today, up at 5:20 to get ready for horse show, horse show (3rd place overall in division), nap, grocery, make pumpkin muffins for church tomorrow, get things ready for second day of horse show tomorrow, get other girl ready for church tomorrow (singing at two services)....

Oh, and we did school, too, in the midst of all that.

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  1. Gulp! I hope you're getting a rest this weekend.


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