Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our First Dog Show!

Last weekend, we traveled to our first UKC dog show. Our primary reason for going was to pick up our newest family member, puppy Georgette. Breeder Leslie Gene Reed, from KeelMtn Kennels, and husband extraordinaire, Bob, were going to be showing their corgis, so we opted to meet them at the show. Secondly, the UKC offers classes for altered dogs (spayed or neutered) in conformation, and Leslie suggested that one of my girls might want to show Jasper. Tiny Girl jumped at the chance. Here they are!

Jasper won Best of Breed in his class and later competed for Best in Show - Altered. Exciting! (They were in the last show of the day, so there weren't many spectators left. But they still got a rousing round of applause from those who remained.)

Adding to the experience, Tiny Girl, Miss Priss, and Himself (along with another young girl) showed Leslie's four puppies -- Georgette and three of her littermates, whom Leslie is keeping as show prospects -- in the puppy match. Miss Priss was nervous; we had to cajole her into giving it a try. But it was so cute and fun that she loved it.

Keeping the corgis in line was quite a challenge. Himself and the girls had their hands full! "Chaotic cuteness" is the best way to describe the puppy match.

We had a fabulous time, and now Tiny Girl has the dog show bug. Now that Jasper has one win under his belt, he has only to win three more times to earn his UKC championship. There's another UKC show in October that's about three hours away from home, and I have a feeling we'll be there. And Miss Priss says she may show Georgette in the puppy match.


  1. What Tiny Girl needs is horse/dog show. That would make scheduling easier.

  2. Thanks for this post! I am heading 3 hours away for my first UKC show ever next week. I am going to take two dogs, and they aren't trained perfectly for showing, but I'm hoping that the atmosphere will be relaxed and that we can all have a fun time. Congratulations on the win for your male!


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