Saturday, September 10, 2011

Introducing Georgette!

Last Saturday, we traveled to a UKC dog show in the central part of our state to collect our new puppy, Georgette (KeelMtn My Fair Lady) from breeder Leslie Gene Reed. (Tiny Girl also showed Jasper [KeelMtn I Do Declare] in conformation at the show, but that report is in another post.) Georgette had been hanging out at Leslie's with three of her littermates -- whom Leslie is keeping as show prospects -- and the rest of Leslie's gang, patiently awaiting us to return home from Maine.

She is a darling!

Jasper and Georgette have the same dam, Cheery-O, but different sires. Whereas Jasper is a red-headed tri-color, Georgette is a sable, like our Lily was.

They have really hit it off! The play together, often drink out of the same water bowl at the same time, and have even been caught chewing their bones next to one another on the same bed. However, Jasper is not averse to putting Georgette in her place if she needs it, though he often capitulates. He has such a sweet temperament.

It's been hilarious watching the dogs interact. They chase each other around the coffee table and then into the kitchen, often colliding with the water bowls and splashing water everywhere. They roughhouse for quite a while and then collapse for naps near one another. If Jasper has something Georgette wants -- which happens a LOT -- she sidles up near him and watches him closely. As soon as something else catches his attention, she nabs the desired item and prances away triumphantly.

She is perky and confident and loving. And we are in love with her.

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  1. Oh she looks wise beyond her young age! And lots of fun. What a lovely addition to your family.


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