Sunday, February 27, 2011 Read the Bible in One Year

A few weeks ago, the girls' piano teacher told me about this new Bible she has, a chronological one-year NIV translation. The idea intrigued me at the time, but I didn't want to spend anymore money on this Bible just then, so I put it on the backburner for the time being. Cut to present-day: A big thanks to my friend, Silvia, who pointed me to a wonderful website,

Now, I know that reading the Bible in one year is not a new idea. But, offering five reading plans -- beginning to end, straight through; chronological; historical; New (Testament) then Old; or a passage of Old and New each day -- and more than 50 translations, is huge help to anyone who wants to meet the challenge.

First, you select your preferred translation and reading plan. I chose the Holman Christian Standard Bible because I downloaded the Kindle version for free from Amazon. Next you choose a start date, either the first or 15th of a month; I chose March 1. Presto! Up pops a daily reading plan for a calendar year. And, should you decide to read at your computer, each day's reading is a link to the passage in your preferred translation on BibleGateway.

I think this is just marvelous. Silvia, thanks again!


  1. Thanks, Ellen. I do read other parts of the Bible, and go back and forth from chapters and verses, but I like the idea of a straight reading in one year. I have done it once before, and this year I read it at Jimmie´s collage blog, I printed my papers with day 1 to day 365, and this way I read from OT and NT too, and I just highlight the verses.
    This time the book of Numbers and Deuteronomy have been particularly interesting.
    I´m glad you tailored your own plan, for there is no better read than the Bible.

    I also love to read about what you read, and the movies you watch too. I need to go back and try to see that one you saw about the pilgrims coming to America.


  2. What a great link! Thanks so much to you and Silvia (for directing your attention to it). I checked it out and like the chronological reading schedule. Until about 4 years ago, I honestly did not know/realize the Bible isn't ordered chronologically and have never read it that way.
    This is great.


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