Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Tiny Girl!

Today is Tiny Girl's tenth -- tenth -- birthday! We took the day off from school to celebrate. Her heart's desire was to go to the mall, so we did. She got a couple of pairs of shorts; some new shoes; some clothes for her Build-a-Bear bunny, Daphne; and lunch at Chick-fil-a. Then, tonight after church, we scarfed down a delicious lemon cake in honor of the day, she opened some cards -- and is now rich by her standards -- and Grammie and Grandad, as well as her sweet Aunt Lala, called to sing Happy Birthday.

Ah, bliss.

Words desert me when I try to convey in any way what a blessing she is to our family. Certainly, all children are blessings from heaven. But Tiny Girl was not only unplanned for, she was also unlooked for, and I was not delighted when I discovered I was expecting her, for a host of reasons.


She is yet another marvelous, glorious example of how God's plans far outweigh, outshine, and simply out-wow any plans we could ever make for our lives.

In short, I can't imagine life without her.


  1. Ellen, you made me teary. That she is ten and went to get some clothes for her bear Daphne... oh what a beautiful birthday and girl.
    Enjoy these days, I know you do!
    Love and Happy Birthday to her, even if she doesn't know us my girls approved of her lunch choice, ha ha ha.

  2. Hello Ellen! Thanks for visiting my blog, and I'm delighted to discover yours. I'm very interested in/impressed by homeschooling, tho my two children have been educated in school. If I had discovered homeschooling early enough I would have given it a go, but mine were already very happy at school when I really got to know about the concept. It's pretty rare here still, tho it is growing.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful day on your daughter's birthday. Daughters are such a blessing, aren't they?!

  3. A glorious example! Happy Birthday Tiny Girl!


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