Thursday, February 24, 2011

Free E-book from Simply Charlotte Mason

Since I like to pass along helpful homeschooling and parenting resources, I wanted to let you know about a FREE e-book from Simply Charlotte Mason entitled A Thinking Love, by Sonya Shafer. This 73-page book is a easy read, but it's packed with Charlotte Mason quotes, encouragement, and "wise counsel." Here's a quote from SCM's website:

In the very first pages of her book, Home Education, Charlotte Mason challenged mothers to give their children a “thinking love.”

It’s easy to give our children an indulgent love that caters to their every whim. Or a lazy love that follows the crowd and does what is easiest. But giving them a thinking love requires some effort.

Join Sonya as she explores what “a thinking love” means and contemplates the various ways that Charlotte Mason encouraged thinking mothers to show their love to their children.
To make a free deal even sweeter, SCM offers several versions of A Thinking Love: PDF format for computer; ePub format for iPad, Nook, and other readers; and (yippee!) Mobi format for Kindle. Why not pop over to SCM and download your favorite version. I've only read through Chapter Three, but Sonya's book has already inspired and encouraged me!


  1. I already got it! Thanks a LOT. I have enjoyed all the free PDF´s I got from SCM in my kindle... this one is on kindle format, who could ask for more?

  2. I just saw... I´m reading Don Quijote too... I got a free version for my kindle. Oh, when I read it the first time I laughed, I was very young, now I truly find it sad for he has such an idealistic view of life, and I just see the misery around him. I love Don Quijote, I also got a kick with the prologue this time! The language is so rich and tasty in Spanish, from another time yet familiar, I don´t know how it would be in English. Do you get the Spanish pessimism that characterizes us? It is also a humorist criticism of the society and other knight books of the time. I may be biased, but I think it is a not very cared for literacy and historical jewel that I don´t know why many regard as boring. It may be a bit hard to get immersed in it, once you are I find it fascinating.


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