Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: Ready or Not. . .

Today was our first week back at home, and we hit the ground running.  Almost all of our activities started this week, too.  Not only that, we had new replacement windows installed one day, which made everything ever so much more exciting round here.  Still, we somehow managed to have a good week.

We are pretty excited about some new things we have going.  Here are some highlights:

Miss Priss is enjoying her new math curriculum, Mathematical Reasoning, from the Critical Thinking Co.  So fat, it's been a review for her, so what's not to love?  Tiny Girl was, in fact, a tad jealous of Sissie's math program and expressed a dislike of MEP.  She proclaimed it "too easy."  Since MEP is a challenging program and a perfect fit for Tiny Girl's mathematical mind (IMHO), we decided to skip Year 3 and jump forward to Year 4.  And we had a great time in math this week.  Woo hoo!

Both girls began a new grammar and writing program, Scott Foresman Grammar and Writing Handbook, available FREE here, for grades one through six.  I plan to schedule grammar two days per week and writing activities two other days.

We're studying anatomy in science, using the book Uncover the Human Body as our spine (no pun intended).  This week, we learned about the dermal system.  Since this subject is full of new vocabulary words and new ideas, the girls are going to keep very basic notebook pages as study aids.

For our Bible study and prayer time, we are back together after a season of individual study. I'm using a fantastic devotion book for kids called Keys for Kids, which the girls received at our church in Maine. The stories are well written, and I also like the discussion at the end of each story. We've had a good time delving into the scriptures together.

In other subjects, we began reading Heidi; we learned about the discovery of Canada; we completed the Mind Benders Warm-Up book; we started Minn of the Mississippi.  French rolls on, as does piano practice, copywork, poetry, and reading. 

After much discussion, Miss Priss is now the proud owner of a betta, which she named Indigo.  She paid for it and all its paraphernalia from her saved-up allowance.  I strongly stipulated that I will not, in any way, be responsible for this fish; I've cleaned enough fish bowls in my life.  I just hope it lives longer than five minutes, for her sake.

That's our week!  How was yours?


  1. Isn´t homeschooling wonderful? Your week sounds fantastic. I specially love them loving math, yeah! You also give us alternatives and ideas of different programs because this is one that many have to adjust as time passes. Jimmie at Jimmie's collage moved to Teaching Textbooks with Sprite too. I think Jeanne still stays with MEP. I'm sort of back to MEP year 1 but adjusting it, not always doing the worksheet as it is but following more the concepts and not always. Still working on basics with cards, dominoes, etc, which is more appropriate for 5 almost 6 and definitely for the young one.

  2. I love all your quotes.

    your week sounds full!

    my daughter is wanting a betta, I am trying to talk her out of it, but am losing the battle! I just think she will be sad when it "dies" so soon!

  3. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog!
    It sounds like you had a great week, too. I love that you are reading *Heidi*, I want to read that with my kiddos soon.
    And good luck w/the fish:))

  4. I've heard good things about Keys for Kids but never used it myself. Looks like a good week!

  5. Ellen,
    Sounds like you have had a wonderful week and I am thrilled you are home. Little bit of healthy envy over your devo/prayer time with your girls, mine lately has been ABOUT them. After reading your blog, I think I am going to try and find a way to share some devotional time with them--teens not so jazzed about that but Em is reading the Believing God devotional book right now and perhaps the three of us could walk through it.

    Also, thanks for your encouraing, faithful readership of Faith & Grace notes, if I am going to have one reader I am so glad it's you! Love,


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