Thursday, September 23, 2010

Getting Out of Bed -- Or Not

I have a hard time getting out of bed in the mornings.  I would rather rise earlier and have a few minutes alone, some prayer time, get ready for the day, and more.  But I HATE to get up early! 

Lately, I've had my alarm set for 7:05, and then I have had a prayer time (in BED, for Pete's sake!), and then I get up.  Usually, the girls are already awake and going by then.  And what it I have to take a shower?  Then we're even later getting started with the day.

Especially now, I would benefit from an earlier alarm (and true response to it).  Our lessons are taking longer, and we've added more subjects.  So we typically don't finish until after 3:00 and sometimes 4:00.  Perhaps an earlier start time would be in order?

But the girls have been going to bed later, too, fairly close to 9:00.  I've always enjoyed some Himself-and-me time after they're asleep, but with their later bedtime perhaps I can't afford it anymore.

There have been times when I've dragged myself out of bed earlier, for whatever reason.  And I made a shocking discovery: when I actually rise earlier, the day goes smoother.  Huh.  Imagine that.

When the alarm goes off, however, that doesn't seem to matter as much.


  1. Ditto, and ditto, and ditto! I dislike getting up early but everything just works so much better when I do.

  2. That's three of us already, and I believe there are more...sigh...I hate waking up early, but oh, how I do love how smooth the day goes if I do.

  3. The absolute hardest thing about girls growing up has been their later bedtimes.
    I feel like a non person without some grown up time after they go to bed, but now at 13 and 11 and with lots of homework and evening activities - I'm slowly realising it can't go on. I end up staying up til midnight or later, feeling like it is barely 9 oclock (as if my babes were in bed by 7, still!) and then when morning comes - well, you can guess.
    I guess the whole of bringing up a family is a series of phases, and changing from one to the other is sometimes hard. I'm finding this one particularly hard.


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