Monday, September 6, 2010

Oh, Joy Abounding! An Award!

Many, many thanks to my dear friend Jackie at Hedgerow Ways and Fireside Days for selecting my little ol' blog as a recipient of the Versatile Blogger award!  Since I'm rarely awarded for much (the case for many of us), my heart is singing today.

There are, of course, responsibilities in accepting such an award, and the Versatile Blogger is no exception.  First, I must disclose seven things about myself; and second, I have to pass on the award to other blogs I deem worthy, which is a daunting and difficult task.  I'll need to think on this for a bit.

Before I began to think about what to write for my seven items, I looked at past winners, and found a bunch of new blogs to follow!  More joy!  See the list at the bottom of this post for more blog-reading fun.

I thought I'd share some things about myself that I haven't yet blogged about, but that's a bit difficult since I'm a blabbermouth.  But I'll try.  So here's me in a seven-blurb nutshell, in no order whatsoever:
  1. Yes, my hair is naturally curly.  No, this is not nearly as fabulous as you might be tempted to think.
  2. It's not news that I'm an Anglophile, but the degree may surprise you.  I have been to the UK four times.  I am not a well-traveled person, but I'd rather go to Britain than anywhere, given my choice.  I'm sure Italy is nice.  I'm also certain Greece is lovely.  And there's France and Spain, too.  But it's Britain for me, hands down.
  3. I rarely watch TV and am thus clueless about most popular culture tidbits.  I've never watched American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Lost, or any other IT-program.  I don't watch the news, either, and I've found I'm a happier person that way.
  4. I don't listen to popular music radio stations, either, so I can't hum along to the latest Top 40 "hit."  I despise typical radio talk (more like rant) shows, too.  In the car, I listen to NPR and our local contemporary Christian music stations.  This fact added to Fact #3 makes me slightly uninformed as to current and/or popular news items.  I've even been accused of living under a rock.
  5. I read a lot and will confess to being a bit of a book snob.  Just a bit, however.  I'm not above reading some chick lit or a murder mystery now and again.  I just don't typically review those books on my blog.  I'm particular about my children's reading, too, for the most part.
  6. I'm an education fanatic, which is one big reason I home educate my children.  I love to learn, and I want them to love to learn, too.  If I could be a professional student, I would do it.  Home education gets me close to that goal.
  7. I have a master's degree in English.  You really can't do all that much with merely a master's degree in English, except (silently) correct other people's grammar during conversation.  (To correct them out loud would be rude!)  Or proofread things for people.  Or use really big words when you feel like it.  On the other hand, I tend to speak in the vernacular (grammatically correct, of course!) to avoid sounding too much like a prisspot.
Ta da!

Now.  I'm going to give a few days' consideration to the blogs I will select for the Versatile Blogger award.  Since the award came with no guidelines as to the precise meaning of "versatile," I'm simply going to wing it.  Which is nothing new for me.

Until then, here are a few other Versatile Blogger award-winning blogs to get you started.  Check them out and their respective links to selected winners:

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Happy blog-reading!


  1. I don't watch the news either.

    In fact, the more I learn of you through your blog, the more I am convinced that we are actually twins separated at birth. We are really very alike!

    Prisspot...never heard the word before, but it is just so descriptive!

    Off to check your links now. Congrats on the award.

  2. Jeanne, I love your idea that we are twins separated at birth! Only I'm the messy, spazzy, bohemian twin, and you're the minimalist, serene, Zen twin.

    Perhaps "prisspot" is an American Southernism. I've heard it all my life. Isn't it perfect?!

  3. Hi twins, I've lived 13 years in Texas and never heard of prisspot, y'all.
    I don't watch the news either, I'm an education fanatic too and don't know much about the popular culture tidbits either...
    My hair is curly too, can we be triplets? No, not really, I'm not exactly British obsessed (though I lived and loved London for nine months in my youth). I have still much Spaniard blood to be triplets, but, what about your European country, from your aunt who married a Spaniard, like the true Alice from Alice in wonderland, half British, half Spanish.
    Ellen, you could totally correct me out loud, but then we won't have much conversation...ha ha ha...but I'm the correcting party in Spanish...he he he.

  4. Silvia, it's YOU! Well, you'd have a time correcting my Spanish, since all I know I learned from Sesame Street. :-)

    I miss reading your blog. It's one of my favorites.

  5. Well, I have heard of prisspot before, and have used it in a most grammatically correct way! Congrats on your award, much deserved, I think and most of all welcome home. While I know you will miss Maine, we miss you too much over the summer and are thrilled to have you back. See you very soon. Love, C.

  6. I meant your European cousin...and you made me laugh with your Sesame Street Spanish!

  7. I am capable of using prisspot correctly in a sentence, usually sentences aimed at my girls (behind their backs).

    But sorry, not buying the whines about the always precious curly hair.

    Tape your ticket to the bottom of the bowl tonight and I'll make sure you win (wink wink).


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