Friday, May 14, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: Whirlwind Week

(I liked the alliteration of this post's title, so I left it that way.)

This week started out with our wonderful field trip to Savannah, GA, which you can read all about here.  If you've never thought about it as a destination, give this small historic city some consideration.  There's really no place like it.

We arrived home Tuesday evening after 9:00, and both girls were worn out the next day.  So we took it easy with our lessons, relying mostly on the BrainQuest workbooks for some spelling, grammar, and math work.  We ditched Latin but continued with French.  They also spent time reading on their own, practicing the piano, and taking care of our garden (as it were).  That worked so well that we followed the same pattern the rest of the week.  On Wednesday, we also spent a few hours at the barn for Tiny Girl's weekly lesson and giving Tappy (the pony) a bath.  It's hot here now, so she loved the hose-down.  Tiny and I got a bit wet, ourselves.

On Thursday, we hosted our Girl Scout troop's end of the year party.  The girls made ice cream sundaes and played with Silly String (thank you, Dollar Tree!) in the yard.  On Friday, we spent time getting ready for Tiny Girl's horse shows this weekend.  Yes, that was a plural: shows.  She's in a show on Saturday and another on Sunday.  Friday also marked Miss Priss's first babysitting job: she teamed up with a friend to watch the friend's little sister for about an hour and earned $5.00.  She is so proud.

Next week will see us back on our normal schedule of lessons and readings.  But this lighter week has been a nice break without that "backsliding" feel!  We have one and a half weeks to go on our school calendar, and I really aim for us to finish strong.  But if some readings trickle into the summer, that's no big deal, either.  (Imagine some Island music playing in the background at this point in my post.)


  1. It's awesome to have the end in sight!! We've got a little longer yet. That's what we get for taking off lots of days whenever we feel like it. LOL

  2. Oh, you and your girls are always involved in the sweetest and loveliest activities, readings, etc.
    Don't feel like backsiling, just enjoy now and increase the speed next week, as you say, some of the readings can be completed in the summer.

  3. We had a laid back week too. Summer is drawing near! And that's the joy of homeschooling!

  4. Wow! Field trips, girl scout parties AND school! I'm exhausted just reading it :)

  5. May is meant for easier weeks! Hope the horse shows go well for you!


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