Thursday, May 6, 2010

Field Trip!: A Day at the Park

Tomorrow is homeschool day at the theme park that's closest to us: Six Flags.  We've been the past two years and always have a blast.  What's not to like about short lines and cheaper ticket prices?  It's definitely a homeschooling perk.  I consider it our "field day."  (But should I really list it when people ask me why I homeschool?  Probably not.)

Himself and Tiny Girl are not rollercoaster fans, but Miss Priss and I ride all she cares to ride.  And she's only a moderate thrill-seeker, which is fine with me.  Some of those rollercoasters built after I reached adulthood look like they need to supply a little barf bag for each rider.

This is only one example of an attraction in our area that offers homeschool days.  We don't take advantage of them as much as we should; but, honestly, if we did, we'd be out and about more than we should be!

Do any amusement parks or attractions where you live offer homeschool days?  What have you done with your family?

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