Monday, May 3, 2010


Yesterday, we hit the road for a drive to the mountains.  It was Jasper's first real adventure with the family.  The weather was mostly overcast, but the temperatures were pleasant, and the air in the mountains was cool and clean.

First, we took a short hike to the base of Anna Ruby Falls, a rare double waterfall.  Two creeks come together at the top of a ravine, and then converge to form one creek below.  The creek on the left falls in two tiers, so there are actually three sections of falls.

On the hike, we saw this large snail (photo courtesy of Tiny Girl),

some wildflowers like this woods violet,

and this enormous hemlock, which seems to be growing out of a rock!  A placard nearby explains that the tree's roots are actually in soil at the base of the rock.

Afterward, we visited a nearby state park and took another short (1/3 mile) nature hike.  By this time, Jasper was tuckered out, so he appreciated the shorter distance!  We also visited the beach on the lake, where the girls waded in the water and caught tadpoles in a Solo cup some thoughful person left floating in the lake.  Just for us, presumably.  I left my camera in the car, so these adventures remain undocumented, alas.

I love days like these.


  1. What a fun day out! A cool trea picture too.

  2. We love days like that too! That is a beautiful place to hike.

  3. Those are some beautiful pictures! It's amazing how much more at home that violet looks in the woods. We have a whole bunch of them in our lawn, where they do not please my husband. Though I'm "rebel" enough to think they're pretty. Particularly when Monkey brings them to me in weed bouquets.


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