Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pony Love: Horse Shows!

This past weekend, Tiny Girl and Tappy participated in two horse shows.  We were busy!

Saturday's show was at the barn where she regularly rides, her third stable show.  In the Beginner 2 division, she earned fouth place, second place, and third place ribbons, resulting in Reserve Champion for the division.

On Sunday, we traveled a few more miles for Tiny Girl's first off-site show, a GHJA-rated (Georgia Hunter Jumper Association) show at a much larger facility.  Thanks to a bath on Saturday afternoon using bluing shampoo, Tappy put her best hoof forward and looked gorgeous!  Tiny Girl looked pretty cute herself in her formal show attire.  (Special thanks to Himself for polishing her show boots two nights in a row.  What a guy!)

Tiny Girl competed in three classes:  Walk/Trot Pleasure, Walk/Trot Equitation, and Walk/Trot/Canter One at a Time.  She earned a fifth place in the Walk/Trot Pleasure; she and Tappy are not pleasure riders -- they are fierce competitors!  Then she won first place in Walk/Trot Equitation and second place in Walk/Trot/Canter One at a Time.  Reserve Champion again!  She was super excited, especially since she was one of the youngest in her division.

Just wanted to share our good news!

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