Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wrestling with Daylight Savings Time

Is anyone else having a problem with the time change? This has never been an issue for us, even when the girls were very young. We just rolled with it, baby.

No longer. I have barely been able to drag myself out of bed at a decent time this week. This morning, I gave up and stayed in bed til after nine. Nine! So did Tiny Girl. Fortunately, our schedule is such that we are still able to get our work done.

Moreover, Miss Priss is having a hard time settling down at night. For two nights now, she's been up past ten, reading. Ergo, she is tired in the mornings. Unlike Tiny Girl and myself, Miss Priss has trouble "sleeping in" no matter how late she retires the night before. She always has. Friends with older children tell me she'll get over this hang-up and will sleep in with the best of them in a year or so, but I'm beginning to doubt it.

So our mornings have been slow. We eat brunch instead of breakfast, although we're all ready for lunch around one. We've claimed victory over our to-do lists thus far, but it's only Tuesday.

I just hope our bodies get used to the time change by tomorrow...


  1. Oh my goodness, it is really hard here, too! I am sure not getting up at my usual time, and dragging the girls out of bed has been much harder than usual!

  2. We are in the same boat. We woke up at 9:00. But we are having our spring break week, and I had to take it.
    We still keep up with our readings and such, but I needed some rest from our normal routine.

    Hope your victory is complete by Friday!

  3. The earliest I have been up this week is 7:56. My body thought I was doing a good thing by getting up before it what it thought was 7:00! I have slept until 8:30 more than once. I'm afraid it will take a couple of weeks to adjust this time. It is strange for me, too, because I am usually adjusted in a few days. As I am typing it is after 9:00 and Jake isn't up and Sister got up, but is now on the couch. YIKES!


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