Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award: Passing on the Tiara (So to Speak)

Ever since my dear friend Jackie bestowed upon The Bluestocking Belle the honor of the Versatile Blogger award (see original post here), I've been in a dither about passing it on, as we are supposed to do.  I read so many blogs, and so many of them are fabulous!  But to whom should I give a shout-out?  Nail biting ensued.

Honestly, all mothers, and especially homeschooling mamas, who take the time to record their inspirations, face their insecurities, "talk out" their anxieties, celebrate their successes, and recognize that the minutes of their lives are precious and worth remembering, all within the virtual pages of a blog, deserve an "atta girl!" once in a while.  And since most of us write in the hopes of reaching out to others, this sacrifice of time and effort is even more remarkable.

Anyway.  Make a cup of tea and relax for a few minutes, perusing the following blogs par excellence (presented in no particular order):

  • See Jamie Blog -- Many of us already know and love Jamie's blog.  She's a regular on the Weekly Wrap-Up, hosted by Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers, and she's also the coordinator of the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival.  Her homeschooling reports are always fun to read, but Jamie's reflections on spiritual matters, her openness and candor, and her posts about her family's adoption journey are powerful.

  • Homeschooling in a Bilingual Home -- I breathed a sigh of relief when Silvia, who had taken a blogging hiatus, popped back in the blogosphere.  Not only does Silvia chronicle her homeschooling experience with her daughters, but she also writes thoroughly and well about many topics we homeschoolers ponder, often in response to some wonderful book she has recently read.  And to top it off, Silvia's photos are lovely, the kind I wish I could take but can't because I haven't the necessary gift.

  • Live, Love, Learn -- I've been reading Angie's Weekly Wrap-Ups for a while now, and they are always entertaining and informative.  She also writes extensively on the Charlotte Mason method, but insists that she is not a purist (a position with which I can greatly identify).  Packed with helpful photos, links, and resources, Angie's blog is a blog-hopper's delight.  You could hang out here for days.

There you have it.  In case you're looking for more great blogs to read (and who isn't, I ask you?), just take a look at my sidebar on the right.  But keep an eye on the clock; before you know it, it will be midnight.  Happens to me all the time.


  1. Ellen...I appreciate your tribute to the blogging mamas, as you call us. It's true as you say how much we all benefit from each other and how richer our journey is because we travel in this wonderful uplifting company.
    I appreciate your words, they come at the right time.

    I'm very thankful to you and I love your snuggly blog. I'll pass the tiara too, LOL...(I feel a bit like Miss Blogger Beauty), ha ha ha.

  2. Thank You, Thank You, Thank you for considering my little blog worth mentioning!!! God Bless!! I will also pass it on!!

  3. I'm sort of tagging you back, if you want to play along! Details here.


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