Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weekly Happenings:It's Showtime!

My house is a mess. For those of you who have seen my house, you know that it is never a showplace. However, it's really messy now.

For two weeks, Tiny Girl and her theatre troupe have been in crunch for their production of Peter Pan. I've been volunteering is several different ways during crunch. We haven't gotten to be before 11 most nights. We are on a lightened school schedule, but we're still doing our readings, piano practice, math, and Bible study. Oh, and the barn -- we haven't been able to get there as often as usual, but we're still going. Plus, Himself has been out of town, and then Miss Priss left yesterday with our Girl Scout troop for the annual Camporee weekend.

We've managed to stay clean, fed, and dressed in laundered clothes. But that's about it. So I'll be glad when we get back to a more normal routine.

Boy, has it been fun, though! It's worth the messy house, shortened lessons, sleep-in mornings, extra responsibilities, all of it. Tiny Girl is having a blast, and so is Miss Priss, who has been helping with hair and makeup. Opening Night was a grand success, and I heard that last night was just as fabulous.

When she got home last night, she said: "Listen to this! It's so sad!"

Me, slightly concerned: "What?"

Tiny: "I scared a five-year-old little girl! She was so cute. After the show, her mom brought her up to meet me and get my autograph. She asked me if I was really mean, and I laughed and told her no. But I felt so bad for scaring her!"

Himself: "That just means you're doing a great job on stage."

There are two shows today: a matinee and this evening's performance, which Himself and I will attend. Himself hasn't seen the show yet, and I can't wait for him to witness our child shine on stage.

After tonight's show, we'll strike the set, clean up the theater, turn in costumes, and head to IHOP for the cast party. We'll get home around 1 AM. Tomorrow, we'll collapse!


  1. She looks GORGEOUS. I wish I could see that show, my girls would love it too!

  2. Love that photo...what a great costume!

    Sounds like a busy time but also a wonderful opportunity. We love Peter Pan:)

  3. Fantastic! Enjoy every minute of it. You'll all have happy memories forever, and the messy house and dirty laundry will quickly fade from your mind.

  4. I am sure that you enjoyed this production, but are very glad it is finished. Thanks for sharing on HammockTracks and I look forward to seeing what you and yours has been up to this week.


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