Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Keeping Vigil

My dad is undergoing surgery this morning for a cancerous stomach tumor. After the surgery, he'll be in ICU for a couple of days and then recuperating in the hospital another five or so days. My sisters and I want to be there with my mama as much as we can, so I'm driving up right away.

I've spent many hours over the last few days creating detailed schedules and lists for Himself and the girls, organizing help from friends where needed, and taking care of the bits that need doing when one is going to be away. I've put my Amazon seller and PaperbackSwap accounts on inactive status. I've done laundry. I've labeled all Tiny Girl's costume pieces with her name; "crunch" for her production begins tonight. I've held meetings with Himself and the girls, making sure all ducks are in a row.

As for school, the girls' lesson load is a bit lighter than normal. They will be emailing me some narrations, and I've asked for two "drawing" narrations, both of which are novel to them. I've tried to play up the independent aspect of this type of learning -- if they buckle down, they should be able to wrap things up quickly each day and have a good bit of free (reading) time.

Fortunately, Himself will be able to work from home most of the time. He has two meetings he can't reschedule, but the girls will be fine. Two friends are handling the crunch carpool and two others are helping us get the girls where they need to be when he can't.

All this preparation has been exhausting and worrisome, but it will be worth it. The end result is this: when I'm at the hospital keeping vigil with my sisters and mother, I can be completely in those moments. I can focus on the most immediate needs.

Keeping vigil demands all our attention, all our resources. I've done all I can to settle things here at home. Now all I can do is trust that all will be well.


  1. Oh Ellen. So glad you can be with your mum and dad right now. Praying things go well.


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