Monday, March 5, 2012

Hello from England!

I'm on the hotel computer and only have four minutes left, so this will be short!

Amsterdam was wonderful. I have photos to post later. I managed to visit the Anne Frank house, eat a delicious pancake (apple and bacon), pop into Pompadour, a chocolate boutique, and walk around some. To my relief, everyone I met spoke excellent English. This is helpful since I don't speak Dutch.

Now I'm in Newcastle. I arrived last night about 11 PM, after being awake for 36 hours. I slept 14 hours last night! I've done a bit of shopping (more chocolate, this time at Hotel Chocolat, and books at Waterstone's). I also popped into Boots for a razor, which I forgot. It was either that or go home hairy. I also visited the Grainger market, which I find fascinating. I especially love the butchers; all that meat just lying out in the open. (Most Americans would hyperventilate. Where are the neat packages sealed and protected from germs??) And then I walked along the quay back to the hotel. My room overlooks the river Tyne; it's a lovely view.

I'm excited to be here. I was tempted to break into a happy dance of joy along the quay, but I restrained myself. One doesn't break into happy dances of joy at my age. (Confession: sometimes I do, but only when I'm with other people. Otherwise I'd be taken for a complete lunatic, wouldn't I?)

I love the bridges that span the Tyne here in Newcastle. The Millenium Bridge is the loveliest, with its changing colored lights.

Tomorrow Tanya and I take the train to Edinburgh. Excitement!

More later from the UK...


  1. Thanks for thinking of us during your holiday. Enjoy every minute, girl. Happy Dances are good, y'hear?

  2. So close, and yet so far!
    Glad you're having fun but WISH you were further south!

  3. Personally, I think you're not allowed to be where you are, doing all the wonderful things you're doing, WITHOUT doing a happy dance. So get happy dancing, lady!!!

  4. Jeanne and Jamie, okay, okay! I'll do a little happy dance of joy. In my hotel room. :-)

    Jackie, I've thought that same thing numerous times. We are breathing the same air, my dear friend!


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