Thursday, March 8, 2012

Getting Ready to Head Home

I'm all checked in for my flights and all packed up to head home. I'm bringing the girls candy (their favorite) and books (their second favorite).

Tanya and I have had a wonderful time. I'm keeping a travel notebook so I can share the particulars with you when I get back home. I also have travel tips I plan to share on Rick Steves's graffiti wall, since some I found out the hard way! But blessings abound, and there were no true travel catastrophes. Yay!

The flight from Newcastle to Amsterdam is short; but the flight from Amsterdam to my home city is really long, much longer than the flight over. I hate that, but what can you do? The airlines decide their routes.

I'm off now for a much-needed cuppa. More later!


  1. I'll be sending you good journey wishes today. I'm looking forward to hearing about your travels - and thanks for counting me as your "friend in Aberdeen"! Yes indeed.

  2. Oh, Ellen, I'm so happy for you... I'm here ready to listen more from your travel notes and tips.



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