Tuesday, November 9, 2010

When My Plans Go Awry. . .

This week, like so many of our past weeks, is extremely busy.  We have a Scout troop meeting on Thursday, Miss Priss's new tumbling class, church programs on Wednesday night in which I am supposed to teach the fourth- and fifth-grade girls Bible class, piano lessons, an orthodontist appointment, a vet appointment, riding lessons and practice rides, Timothy Ministry classes, and Miss Priss's eleventh birthday party at home on Saturday afternoon, for which I have done nothing.  Oh, and our lessons, in which we are already behind.  Add to that, I am supposed to contact someone about a possible freelance editing project that fell into my lap.

So of course I am sick.  I've been battling congestion since Saturday:  still sniffly, the whole post nasal drip delight, clogged ears, throat a bit sore, etc.  And now I have lost my voice.


I know God has a sense of humor (and a far better plan than mine), but I have to wonder sometimes about the His-timing-is-always-perfect thing.  Attempting to live within His timing can be difficult.  I mean, next week would have been better, Lord.

In cases like these, I look for the grace that I know will be there.  Here's one thing: I don't feel bad, like I should be bed-ridden.  That's a blessing!

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