Friday, November 5, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: No Cutesy Title This Week

 So another not-normal week.    When will they end, I ask you?  I was sick on Wednesday, and we were very busy with activities and such the other days.

We managed to get the basics done, which is good.  French, spelling, copywork, and piano (Christmas music abounds around here) are clicking right along.  In grammar, Tiny Girl continued with complex and compound sentences, while Miss Priss studied sentence fragments and run-on sentences.  Logic went by the wayside, since the Mind Benders book went MIA.  (We've searched everywhere!  I ended up ordering a new one.)  But Miss Priss continued in her Building Thinking Skills book, another title from the Critical Thinking Company.

For literature, the girls are really enjoying Heidi, but Tiny Girl is getting antsy with The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  She's ready for the horseman to arrive on the scene!  Tiny Girl also began Lassie Come-HomeTying in with our history, the girls read The Starving Time, book 2 of Patricia Hermes's trilogy about Jamestown, and have begun Almost Home, by Wendy Lawton, which is based on the Mayflower's Mary Chilton and part of the Daughters of the Faith series.  I also located a nifty website, If You Came on the Mayflower in 1620, which looks intriguing; we will explore it next week.  We also read our selection from Age of Fable, a text of which I am now doubtful as a good selection for our family.  (If you'd like to read the post I wrote about it, and the ensuing discussion, click here.)

We've been searching for an activity for Miss Priss, other than the Irish dance classes she takes at Timothy Ministry, but have been unsuccessful.  While Tiny Girl has Tappy, Miss Priss does not have a similar passion, and has grappled with several possibilities for quite some time.  Unable to latch onto anything, she had been feeling sad and sidelined.  But good news!  We found a tumbling class of mixed ages, and she took a trial class on Tuesday evening.  She was nervous, but she loved it!  And she's a natural!  By the end of the trial class, she was doing a back handspring on the trampoline.  We are all thankful.

On Thursday, Miss Priss made her famous stew for supper, and it was wonderful.  The weather this week was chilly and damp, so we really needed something like stew and biscuits last night.

The chef at work

The mixture before we added the beef stock

Hope your week was grand!  To read more wrap-ups, visit Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.


  1. I love those back to basics weeks. Stay close, get well and stay warm. Making supper for everyone is wonderful! And hooray for tumbling :)

  2. I agree with you on Age of Fable. It is a good book, really but I think it's better for upper grades or not at all for some people...IMHO.
    Both of my kids loved D'Aulaire's (Spelling??) Greek Mythology. The other books by the same author are good. These are not 'living books' I don't think but like I said, my kids really liked these. I have postponed Age of Fable for my ds (YR5) for now. My dd (YR7) is somewhat reading Age of Chivalry (which I personally like better, but she doesn't).
    Good to hear about the tumbling!

  3. Kathryn enjoyed reading Almost Home. Hope you're feeling all better!

  4. Sounds like a good week and no, they never stay normal for long, do they?! Ah well, maybe that's good, the kids get to be flexible and so does mom. LOL.

  5. I am begining to think there are no normal weeks! It sounds like you got a lot done, though!

    It is wonderful if a young girl can find her passion. My daughter (now almost 14) is absolutely passionate about swimming. Between that and our church's youth group, I think it helps her to keep away from thinking about all of the silly things that teenage girls can get wrapped up in. I hope tumbling works for your daughter!


  6. Thanks for sharing your week!

    BTW I absolutely love your quotes. they are great.

    Oh and I took the Austen Quiz. I am Eleanor Dashwood. :)



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