Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What's On Your Nightstand?

Tricia at Hodgepodgemom asked this question on her blog, and I think it's a good one.  In the interest of slightly full disclosure, here's my answer:

A lamp I inherited from my grandmother when she died, almost 10 years ago; two notebook journals, in which I write letters to my daughters (I did better with this when they were younger!); a small basket with pens, ear plugs, and some homeopathic sleep aids in reach when I need them; the charger cord for my phone; my reading glasses and case; a volume of Jesse Stuart short stories, which I've not begun to read; a small painted wooden box Miss Priss made for me a few years ago; a dark gray, heart-shaped rock, which was a gift from a very dear friend; and, lastly, a thin film of dust, because I'm not the best housekeeper.  Here's a photo.  The journals are missing because I'd been writing in them elsewhere that day.

So what's on your nightstand (or bedside table)?

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  1. I would have loved a picture (maybe we are addicted to them this day and age!), but I made a mental image of those items.



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