Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Something Like a Prayer

So here we are.  Himself is back down south as of yesterday, and it's just the girls, Jasper, and me.  (The mouse, we believe, has vacated the premises.)  This last week, we've been visiting folks and had friends visit us.  We've been tubing, skiing, swimming, eating, and enjoying a whirlwind of conviviality.  It's been wonderful.

But it would also be wonderful to ease into a quieter lifestyle for a while, the one I crave.

Last night I had a glimpse of it.  A bit after eleven, I took Jasper outside for his last "necessary," and he decided he wanted a bit of a constitutional.  We made our way down the lawn to the lake.

It was a very still night.  The lake was big, dark, and silent, with barely a ripple.  There was no moon, but there were stars, glorious stars, thousands more than I can see at home.  Jasper and I tread carefully out on the dock for a better look.

Utter stillness.  And millions of points of light in a sea of black.

I finally felt something loosening inside, a knot of tension unraveling, a breath releasing, which I wasn't aware I'd been holding.  It felt like a prayer.

After a few moments, I went back to the cabin, Jasper at my side, with joy in my heart.

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