Friday, July 9, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: Fun and Relaxation

It's been hot here in Maine, and we have no AC. So the fans have been blowing all over.

The girls and even I have been swimming in the lake.  The boat is back in the shop.  Again.  Fingers crossed it finally gets fixed!

Before the boat fell ill, we had friends over and went tubing.  Tiny Girl also sort of learned to waterski.  Her last time out, she stayed up about 10 seconds before she fell.  By the end of summer, she'll really catch on.

Jasper loves playing with the other neighbor dogs.  They are not here everyday, much to his consternation, but when they are, it's a party.  He also likes the water and swims quite a bit.

We've also been reading quite a bit.  The library here in town has a reading program going on, and the girls are participating in it.  I'll post some reviews next week.

My plan for doing some school work, you know, keep up the skills, etc., has crumbled to dust.  We've just been havng a great time resting, relaxing, reading, and playing.  Maybe soon, we'll do some actual work.  Then again, maybe not!


  1. Resting and reading are educational and sometimes very refreshing - enjoy!

  2. I say resting, reading, relaxing and playing is all part of learning :) Plus, being in Maine!

  3. Sounds good! I can't imagine no a/c here in South Texas, LOL.

  4. My plans for doing schoolwork through the summer aren't working out quite the way I'd envisioned either! Enjoy your summer!



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