Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Kitchen Cabinet and Drawer Hardware

Another consideration about the kitchen cabinets -- besides the painting -- was the hardware. The drawer and cabinet pulls were sadly outdated and had to be replaced I learned that Hobby Lobby has a nice selection of drawer pulls, so I headed there. Just in time for a big sale! I bought my cabinet knobs for 50% off. The store didn't have as many as I needed, so I purchased the balance online for the same great price.

 I found the drawer pulls online at Amazon.com. They are priced really reasonably every day.

However, I balked at the replacing the hinges. Hinges are expensive! And I had a lot of doors. So instead, I cleaned them really well, primed them with spray primer, and the spray painted them with Ace Premium in Ivory (satin). I first tried one of Rustoleum's Hammered spray paints, which I used on my hutch at the cabin, but I didn't care for it this time. I decided I wanted the hinges to blend in with the cabinetry, not stand out.

Himself was dubious about the hinge painting. He thought we should just replace them. I said it didn't hurt to try a less expensive option first. The paint was way cheaper than new hinges would be. It took a few coats to get them looking right, but he soon gave his approval.

After the doors were re-hung we noticed a bit of flaking on the hinges, but not enough to bother us. In hindsight, a quick coat of spray-on poly probably would have been a good idea.

Reveal photos coming soon!

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