Wednesday, December 12, 2012

She Is Too Fond of Books: And Here's What Happened

The family and I were watching a movie on Sunday evening when a thunderous BANG interrupted us and set the corgis to ferocious barking. At first we thought it came from outside, but then Himself suggested upstairs. So up the stairs everyone flew.

Here's what greeted us, only it was a lot messier:

The top two overburdened shelves of my bedroom bookshelf collapsed under the weight of my books. The resulting pile was staggering. I stacked them up so I could get to my side of the bed. In case you're wondering, the books lined up to the left of the bookshelf are always there. I don't have room anywhere else.

My other bookshelves are just as bad. And there's no budget for new bookshelves just now.

If you are like me and books adorn every room in your house, do yourself a favor and check the shelves' stability!


  1. Oh, Ellen... there must be some shelf at the goodwill or something waiting for you!

    I always look at these disasters as a time to organize books and look at some I had forgotten.



  2. Thanks for the hint. I'll be checking mine right away. Wow, didn't realize this could happen.

  3. Uh oh! I've had the same thing happen, though not lately. I do love our IKEA bookcases; they weren't cheap, but they weren't terribly pricey (especially compared with other options) and we even found two boxes in the scratch & dent section marked off substantially. (Perhaps you can request contributions to a bookshelf fund for Christmas!)

  4. Yes, I definitely need some new shelves! And IKEA is on my list. But I will have to wait. I need a new computer first. And Silvia, I never find shelves at Goodwill. Those must get snapped up quickly!

  5. Oh that's sad and funny at the same time. Don't we all love books?


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