Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Article in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine!

I am so excited! I have an article in the most recent edition of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. Here is a link directly to my article, "The Spelling Apologist: Why Good Spelling Is Essential and How to Select the Right Curriculum."

This is a fabulous issue, friends. And you can read it online for FREE! How fab is that?

                                   Look inside >                
                   December 2012                


  1. Enjoyed reading your article, Ellen. Well done on getting it published.

  2. Fabulous article, my friend! If only I could find the right way to teach my poor speller I'd be a happy mummy! Sigh...

  3. Dear Ellen,
    I just read your article - very nice! Such a crisp and engaging writing style you have!

    From joy to joy,

  4. Congratulations, and well done! Yes, spelling errors can be such a huge distraction!

    I think we use the same spelling curriculum. We just started using Spelling Power this year and are liking it so far.

  5. I join the crow in congratulating you. I enjoyed reading your article. Then, like Jeanne, I do not know what it will be yet with my girls. For now we are still working on getting them to write and read more, then we shall see! I will have to come back to your article, (grin.)



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