Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Poem

Daughter of Mine

“Let’s sit on the couch and talk,”
she says, taking my hand.
And I go.
Friends wiser than I
say it won’t be long
before this changes.
Soon her eyes will glide over me
when she surveys a room.
I’ll be superfluous,
too familiar to be interesting.
A static character in the narrative of her life.

It’s natural.
It’s normal.

It wouldn’t change a thing if I
decided to jump out of an airplane.
A minor blip on the screen.

I remember a reunion between the two of us.
Our first separation, a weekend apart.
When she heard my voice,
saw my face,
she crawled like lightning,
little hands slapping the floor,
to get to me.

It’s not forever.


  1. Precious days.
    So blessed to have beautiful daughters.
    And it *can* last forever :)

    love you all, enjoy your happiest days.

    jackie xxx

  2. How moving! I can relate somehow!
    Maybe it won't change, who says? I believe in forever! :)

  3. Beautiful. Bit sad though. Must remember to hold hands more.

  4. Thanks, friends. The last line is a reminder to me that even the warned-of difficult days ahead -- when (if?) I'm reduced to a parenthetical comment in their lives -- they won't last forever, either.

  5. What a lovely poem, Ellen. It seems to me that they can only really take us for granted when they are 110% certain that we will always be there for them, loving them, accepting them. I also think that every child and relationship is unique, so I wouldn't worry too much about what other people forecast!

  6. Lovely Ellen. Even when it changes, as it has for me and A, it is not all bad. There are good and bad days, good and bad moments. It is also exciting and wonderful to see her emerging adult self. Susan

  7. Hello lovely lady,

    Haven't heard from you for a few days, and I know that stresses you when you don't have time to
    post. Hope you're well and happy and just living life.

    Love, Me.


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