Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Odd and Inexplicable Phenomenon of Test Envy

This week, my eldest is taking the CAT5 exam; hence, she is excused from some of her regular subjects. Tiny Girl objected strongly, decrying this plan as "not fair!" (Let me state right now that I deplore that sentiment; life is not fair. What's fair, anyway?) Presumably, it was "not fair" to Tiny that her sister was 1) skipping out on certain subjects and 2) enjoying the rare experience of taking a "fun and easy" test, while she herself was expected to carry on as usual.

The very idea.

Tiny Girl continued by requesting that I order her a test, too. I declined; I see no reason to spend money when I don't have to. However, I began to think about how I could address this strange phenomenon. Why not let her test to her heart's content -- provided I could locate some free online tests?

So a-Googling I went. Here are a few I found, just in case you find yourself in this same predicament:

Free spatial "IQ" test at FunEducation
A fifth-grade "intelligence" quiz at FunEducation
Tons of free online quizzes at Quiz-Tree.com and you can select by subject

There are quite a few kids' IQ testing sites, but I eschewed those. Who needs the pressure?

I really can't understand Tiny Girl's position, but, as her mama, I did my best to suggest a solution. Happily, it worked! She had a blast with the spatial "IQ" test. Tomorrow, we'll try Quiz-Tree.

Far be it from me to deny her the pleasure of testing, right?

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  1. That is something I would never have expected- until homeschooling! Both of my kids are required to test (every year here in OH) and they really like test 'day'. It's very easy.
    What a nice mama you are to allow her the 'pleasure' of testing! LOL


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