Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An Unscheduled But Much-Needed Break

I decided we're taking this week off from our lessons. I didn't plan it; it sort of evolved. Last week was really busy since we had to be at the barn every day to ride the pony we had on trial. Needless to say, everything at home was catch-as-catch-can, with most things going uncaught. Yesterday was a school holiday, so we used that day to fold the mountains of laundry and do some general cleaning (before we went to the barn).

Not to mention the fact that we all have the February blahs.

After we got home from the parent meeting for Miss Priss's theatre production, I said to Himself, as I folded more clothes, "I wish we could take this whole week off. I could use the time to get things straightened out around here." He replied, "So do it."

Good advice.

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  1. Ellen, that's the beauty of hs'ing, as I read The Law of the Woods from Parables from Nature today,there has to be space to breath or growth won't happen and the branches will snap dry and dead.


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