Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Tiny Girl!

Eleven years ago today, our sweet Tiny Girl joined the family. She is proof positive that God's plans are best. Miss Priss's babyhood was challenging, and I was not sure I wanted another baby. But when Miss Priss was six months old (!!!), we learned we were expecting number two. I was more shocked than thrilled.

Fast forward to now. (Actually, you really only have to fast forward to six months after we'd learned the news, but every day deepens my appreciation....) Tiny Girl is such a blessing to us all. She's fun, happy, enthusiastic (sometimes a bit loud), easygoing, and generally agreeable. My dad's nickname for her has always been Miss Merry Sunshine. As a toddler, she looked just like Cindy Lou Who, which only added to the complete package of fabulousness.

Our gracious Lord has blessed us richly, more richly than I could ever have imagined.


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