Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Diagnosis

I may as well give up for the week! The doctor diagnosed Miss Priss with pneumonia this morning, and now Tiny Girl is also on breathing treatments for her cough. I am so thankful for a lot today:

- good medical care
- medicines in our reach, like Orapred and Augmentin
- home nebulizer machines that keep children out of the hospital
- the girls feel well enough to continue our readings (with my reading aloud)

Situations like these clutch at my heart for those who are less fortunate than we. What if I couldn't get the medicine? Or it was too expensive? What if a home nebulizer machine was out of my reach? How would I face a restrictive list of options while my child struggles to breathe?

I have fears for my child's health, of course, but I also know she's getting the best medical care. And that certainty is priceless. What if I knew more could be done, but I couldn't afford it? What would it be like to suffer that particular certainty? I could attempt to empathize, but that's just Method acting and guesswork.

So while I snuggle with my precious children, I can't stop thinking about other precious children who suffer. I know the Lord is at work within me.

"Do you see the least of them?" He asks me. "Do you see them?"


  1. I hope that both of your daughters are well soon. It is so hard when they are sick.

  2. You are right...we are so blessed to be in a place with access to medical care--let alone insurance and available government programs. I hope your daughters are well soon!

  3. There is something nasty going around. My uncle caught it and he already had COPD and was a smoker, so he had extenuating circumstances. Yet, people at the hospital staff said something nasty was going around and they had been seeing a lot of pneumonia. For him, it turned into horrid pneumonia. He currently has been put in hibernation, where they lower his core temperature, but is not expected to live. I'm not suggesting that you freak out about your daughters, as it sounds like they are getting the best care are obviously not smokers or anything, my uncle set himself up for this with 50+ years of smoking, I was just mentioning that there seems to be something nasty going around. I hope your family is feeling better soon!

  4. Oh, Ellen, I also hope they both get well soon. All of you, take care. I will pray for your family, specially Miss Priss.

  5. Oh golly, that sounds pretty horrible for them and for you. I hope they're soon feeling better, and that you can feel more peaceful. I believe that praying for our children is one of the best things we can do (once we've done everything we can materially). Take care x

  6. Thanks, everyone! Today is better for Miss Priss and worse for Tiny Girl. At least all fevers have abated. But I will be extra glad when Miss Priss is off the Orapred. She becomes like one possessed for a few hours!


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