Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Books on the Way!

Recently, the girls have hit a wall regarding their independent reading. Perhaps I shouldn't admit this, but they much prefer many of AO's free reads as read-alouds as opposed to personal selections. So I pulled out my much-loved Honey for a Child's Heart and surveyed some options.

 I've always loved poring over this wonderful annotated bibliography of children's books. Of course, it's much more than just a book of lists; Gladys Hunt's opinions and perspectives on reading mesh well with my own, and have actually informed my expanding viewpoint on literature's great value. Of course, she's preaching to the choir when I read her work; I have a master's degree in English. But I find her words exhilarating and empowering all the same.

 I also use Honey for a Child's Heart as a checklist. I mark off those books the girls have read and make note of other works by the same authors. In the past, I've also highlighted those titles that are on other lists I consult, such as AO's free reading lists. These guide me in making informed choices.

 As an added bonus, I've earned an admirable amount of points on Paperback Swap. Time to shop!

 So I sat at the computer and compared Paperback Swap's offerings with my list. Of course, not everything was available. In one or two cases, I chose a title that wasn't on the list but either its author was (other books listed) or one of the girls had already read and enjoyed a book(s) by said author.

 Here's what's on the way to us:

  • The King's Equal, by Katherine Paterson
  • Ginger Pye, by Eleanor Estes
  • Our Only May Amelia, by Jennifer L. Holm
  • The Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum
  • Mysterious Miss Slade, by Dick King-Smith
  • The Children of Green Knowe, by L. M. Boston
  • Bluish, by Virginia Hamilton

Since Miss Priss is on the cusp of teenage-dom (small shudder -- I can't believe it and I'm not ready for it!), I also have on my shelf of resources Gladys Hunt's Honey for a Teen's Heart. It never hurts to be prepared.

 Happy reading!


  1. Going to be looking up those books, Honey for a ...'s Heart. I did look real quick at Amazon for one and they look like a very useful book.

  2. Are they too old already for the Caddie Woodlawn series? I love those books, but I seem to remember being a few years younger.


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