Saturday, December 3, 2011

Streaming Christmas Music -- From Europe and UK Web Radio

For an interesting twist for your Christmas listening at home, check out this website:, which features radio stations in Europe and the UK streaming live on the internet. Last night, I rolled and cut out cookies while nodding along to music broadcast from France, and this morning it's the UK.

I love hearing old favorites in new (to me) arrangements, as well as songs I know and unfamiliar tunes. I've never heard Lou Rawls's wonderful rendition of "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" until I hopped on Cherie Noel last night.

And the best? No commericals! Every once in a while, a Voice says the name of the station, but that's it. On Cherie Noel, the Voice also flung out something more I couldn't comprehend. So much for my conversational French.

I'm going to work my way through the list this season just for fun. Why don't you come along?


  1. Sounds fun doing this with you from way over this side of our wonderful world!

  2. Hello Ellen, thanks for your explanation about the 'the' in North American airport names!
    Internet radio is great, isn't it? I listen to French and Norwegian radio when I can (my degrees were in French, and I speak basic Norwegian and am trying to improve). The weather forecast in Norwegian is sheer poetry! You might find it amusing in a reverse sort of way to know that when I was a teenager, before the internet!, I used to listen to American Forces radio from Germany, because it played the best music.

  3. Linda, now you've got me thinking about listening to Internet radio all the time! I'm envious of your language prowess...


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