Friday, May 6, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: On the Homestretch

The finish line is in sight! We've already wrapped up a few things: spelling, our Friday homeschool classes, and poetry. There are only two units remaining in our grammar curriculum and only two more logic puzzles from Mind Benders. Miss Priss will finish her math curriculum in about three weeks. As far as activities go, there are only two more weeks of piano lessons, which culminate in the recital, and three more weeks of tumbling. The children's program at church ended this past Wednesday; the musical is on Mother's Day.
In other news:

We spent a few hours Monday attempting to ascertain whether or not Tiny Girl's elbow was fractured. She and Miss Priss spent the weekend with my parents while Himself and I were out of town. On Sunday night, Tiny Girl slipped on a throw rug, fell, and slammed her elbow onto the hardwood floor. Thankfully, it was just bruised, and she's back to normal now.

We are having a wonderful time studying history just prior to (and leading up to) the American Revolution. One of the best things about the Ambleside Online curriculum, in my opinion, is the time allowed to really immerse oneself into a particular time period, culture, and mood. Moreover, the excellent book selections provide much more than a cursory survey of events. The girls are really gleaning a deep understanding of the young American colonies and their struggles; in fact, it wasn't until college that I learned and/or appreciated much of this material.

Due to my dithering earlier this year, we are now "behind" schedule for the Year 4 readings. After asking for feedback on the AO Yahoo groups and giving it some thought, I've decided to simply continue our readings into the summer. I don't want to take a long break now, just when we're really getting into the story; nor do I want to put the pedal to the metal and zoom through just to finish up. That would sort of defeat the purpose of immersing ourselves into the early American zeitgeist, wouldn't it?!

We continued our Work pocket for the Colonial America history pockets. We also continued our study of the human body, reading more about the muscular system. Keys for Kids for Bible, Rosetta Stone for French, copywork, math, grammar, and piano practice are part of our daily lessons.

That's our week in a nutshell! To read more wrap-ups, visit Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Ellen, your homeschool sounds fabulous. I like what you said about Ambleside, a few months before getting immersed in it, I appreciate your thoughts and comments of this wonderful curriculum.
    Who was your girl that didn't particularly thrive with MEP? And what did you end up using?
    I'm glad Tiny Girl's elbow is fine now.
    Very clever your idea to continue readings in the summer, some lighter schedule will keep a continuity but will also leave more time for the girls' leisure.

    Do you have a place where you have what you use for grammar, and what are those Work pockets? Anyway, I'm in NO particular hurry, grin, so once you have time!

    Thanks for sharing your week!

  2. Very good week, as usual ;) Glad to hear that Tiny Girl isn't broken!
    Hope your weekend is peachy!

  3. Hurray for home stretches! We're on one ourselves. :)

    Happy Mom's day to you, too!

  4. We're all counting the days until everything is finished for the year, aren't we?:) Sounds like you're right on track!

  5. Isn't it fabulous to have all the activities come to a close? I love summer break!

  6. Silvia, hi! To answer your questions: Miss Priss did not thrive with MEP; this year, we used The Critical Thinking Company's Mathematical Reasoning, which she's enjoyed. The History Pockets are published by Evan-Moor and are available in editions for grades 1-3 and also grades 4-6. Check Amazon for more info. For grammar this year, I used a FREE online program from Scott-Foresman (I printed out the materials), which is available for grades 1-6. Here's the link:


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