Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: Two Weeks of Reading Like Mad

Last week, I missed writing our wrap-up because we were off to a Girl Scout Camporee! And I ask you, what camping trip with girls is complete without tornado sirens blaring in the wee hours and huddling in the cement-floored bathroom while said tornado blew through 1.5 miles away? None. But Saturday and Sunday were beautiful. What memories we'll have, right?

Educationally speaking, we've been tearing it up. Since much has been going on, I'll simply list some highlights:

We've been reading. Our AO readings continue (Poor Richard, This Country of Ours, Abigail Adams: Witness to a Revolution, and George Washington's World), and we've thrown in others for added interest, most notably Ben and Me for Tiny Girl, which she zipped through and really enjoyed, and Calico Captive for Miss Priss. For the first time Miss Priss has chosen to read her assigned literature over her independent selections. High praise, indeed. I wrote a review of Calico Captive here, in which I also suggest other captivity narrative resources.

To add to our poetry and composer studies, we read Emily Dickinson: American Poet, by Carol Greene, and short biographies of Frederic Chopin. Tiny Girl read Frederic Chopin, by Mike Venezia, and Miss Priss read Frederic Chopin, by Jacqueline Dineen.

In our studies of the human body, we moved on to muscles. First we read the muscles section in Uncover the Human Body; then we watched a fun video from KidsHealth.

Tiny Girl has wrapped up spelling for the year, and Miss Priss is about to cross that particular finish line as well. We've only a few more lessons in our Scott Foresman grammar and our Mind Benders A4 book. We completed the Daily Life pocket and began the Work pocket from our History Pockets book.

For more fun, encouragement, and ideas, visit Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers to read more Wrap-Ups. And thanks for taking time to read my breezy offering this week!

Happy Easter!


  1. Oh goodness.... personally I am not fond of camping (I know, I know... crazy huh?) but am even LESS fond of the possibility- even remote- of tornadoes. I don't know if I could have kept sane with both going on...
    Glad and Praising God that you are alright!!!
    Hope your next week is less eventful ;)

  2. Wow! Y'all are blazing! It's such a nice feeling to finish up subjects isn't it?

    Whew - we were all crammed into our laundry room during the tornado sirens that night. I bet you do have memories of girl scout camping during that big storm.
    Happy Easter to you too :)


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