Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: A Week Unlike All Others

What a fantastic week! In case you didn't see my post earlier this week (though I encourage to take a look at the photos), we had more than six inches of snow this past Sunday night. That might not seem a lot to some of you, but since I live in the American Deep South, it threw us for a loop. Moreover, extremely low temps caused slush and snow to refreeze several days in a row, which made driving treacherous, to say the least. Public school and all activities were cancelled.

Himself was home from work for three days, so we had a fire blazing all day on those days. Bliss! To the girls' disgust, we still had lessons most days, but there was still plenty of time for sledding galore, snow cream, reading in front of the fire, and playing all about the neighborhood.

After reading so many Facebook posts about cabin fever, I discovered that I'm in the minority. I loved being at home this week. I planned and cooked several nice suppers, including a homemade peach cobbler one night. I was able to putter and get a few things done without flying about in a frenzy. I read. I drank a lot of tea. It's amazing what one can do when one has the time to do it! I really do prefer a quiet life.

Speaking of lessons, Miss Priss tackled fractions this week: adding and subtracting, simplifying, and finding equivalent fractions. Tiny Girl studied geometric concepts in MEP. In history, we studied conflict in the New World colonies, such as King Philip's War and wars between French Canadians and the Iroquois. SOTW briefly mentions Mary Rowlandson, who was taken captive by the Wampanoag during King Philip's War and later wrote a book about her experiences. I studied captivity narratives in graduate school and actually wrote a paper about Rowlandson, so I was excited to be able to expand on the topic with my children. In grammar, both studied verbs (action, linking, and helping), and we began our study of the heart and circulatory system. I'm going to post helpful resources for this particular subject very soon. Keep a lookout!

Also, Miss Priss, influenced by a homeschooled friend, told me she'd like to do a report, and Tiny Girl opted for a project. After a bit of discussion, Miss Priss selected Theodore Roosevelt and Tiny Girl chose to create a poster (with a lapbook feel to it) about the ocean. A stop at the library yielded several books on both topics, and the girls spent a large part of this week reading and researching. I did some net surfing and located some great resources for Tiny Girl's poster. I'll let you know what they are in the next few days, in case your child develops a taste for a project.

I hope you had a great week! To read more Wrap-Ups, visit Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.


  1. looks like a good week. I am actually among the ones who does not mind being at home, so do the kids. We did go enjoy the snow for the first time yesterday. All 3 of us had fun.

  2. Last week was the only time my kids thought it would have been better to be in school (or out of school, as was the case).

    Sounds like you managed to get quite a bit done - including projects. I just love projects!


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