Tuesday, January 11, 2011

SoftSchools.com: A Fab Site for Worksheets, Games, and More

While Googling for greatest common factor worksheets for Miss Priss, I came upon this wonderful site, which was new to me.  SoftSchools.com offers games, projects, worksheets, and quizzes for a variety of subjects.  Click on a grade-level link (pre-K through middle school) at the top of the home page and you're connected to a page that groups worksheets and activities by subject for that particular grade level.  Or click on subject links on the left side of the page.

This is quite an expansive site.  Subjects include math (topics up through algebra, geometry, and -- gasp! -- graphing calculators); grammar, phonics, and handwriting; science (including life sciences, the human body, rocks, volanoes, and earthquakes); social studies (history and geography); French; Spanish; themes (holidays); and seasonal worksheets.  Each subject or grade level offers a plethora of worksheets, online quizzes and games, and activities.  Some of the worksheets are generated to your specifications and printable, while others are online only.

I tried the triangle quiz (see below) and am pleased to report that I scored 10 out of 10 correct.  So I guess I recall a bit of geometry after all!  Just don't whip out a graphing calculator.  I promised myself, never again.

Types of Triangles

SoftSchools.com is now on my Favorites bar, and I plan to use the site extensively for extra practice for the girls.  The games alone, like the identification games for major human-body systems, are worth many visits.

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