Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: Summer Break? I Think Not

Holy cow! I thought we were supposed to be taking a break, but we've been busier than before we finished our school year.  We managed to read every day, so I was pleased about that.  And there are flowers on our cucumber vines!

Tiny Girl and I were at the barn about 8 AM twice this week for her early-morning riding lessons.  The afternoons have been just too hot for Tiny and Tappy the pony, not to mention her trainer and her mama.  Swim team practice was every morning from 9:45 until 10:30.  On Tuesday, we attended the neighborhood morning Bible study at 11; the girls played in the backyard with all the other children.  Miss Priss gets a bit of money for this (all the moms pay $1 per child 9 and under), as she and the two or three other 10 year olds are minding the younger ones.

Our first swim meet was Wednesday night. It was delayed almost an hour due to thunder; there were two more delays once we got started; there was a torrential downpour in which the children still swam; and then finally the meet was canceled around event 39 (or 82, in case you're wondering!) due to more lightning and thunder getting closer.  It was a strange meet.  I was as soaked as the kids were.  On Thursday, the swim team enjoyed Fun Day and team photographs.

We also started getting ready for Girl Scout camp next week.  The girls and I read over the Welcome Packet, perused the packing list (and gasped at the things we needed to buy right away), and signed the various forms.  Then we went shopping.  The particular camp they'll be attending next week is on a big lake, and no one is allowed to participate in lake activities without water shoes.  We also needed unbreakable yet sturdy plates and cups and cutlery for outdoor cooking.  Then there's the sunscreen, bug spray (non-aerosol, please), toiletry items, and various other paraphernalia.

On Friday afternoon, we started packing.  What an undertaking!  And every single item has to have on it their names written in Sharpie.  It's Saturday, and we haven't yet begun to pack Miss Priss's stuff.  A busy day ahead!


  1. I agree, busy Summer! I'm glad I ran into your blog :) I think our Summer is pretty full too. I've been joking things will slow down around November, lol!

  2. Sounds likes lots of fun and busy times. They'll cherish these camping trips, and all the nice activities they do and the books they read, the garden...

  3. Looks like you have a busy summer ahead of you! At least it's a change from the "usual." Enjoy!


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