Thursday, November 12, 2009

In Memoriam: Lily

Our precious Pembroke Welsh corgi, Lily, died this morning. She turned 15 years old 10 days ago. We are all heartbroken. The last two years or so had been difficult, as arthritis had set in and got much worse this fall. She could not go up or down stairs at all. Then two days ago, she began having what the vet later deemed were seizures. These episodes were agonizing to witness. After her second one yesterday morning, the girls and I took her to the vet, who gently agreed with me that it was time to let Lily go. These new neurological issues (most likely caused by either a tumor or stroke or both) were not anything that were going to get better.

We took her home for one last day. I won't describe how difficult that day was, for us or sweet Lily, because those are private sorrows. If you've ever watch a beloved pet suffer, you already know anyway.

This morning, I took a few final photos of Lily. Then we all went back to the vet and afterward brought her home to bury. As I said, we are heartbroken, but we are happy that we had Lily to love for a good, long life. She was a blessing to us; may the Lord bless her and keep her.


  1. This breaks my heart, Ellen. I am truly sorry for you and your family. I will pray for God's peace to comfort you at this time. My 'first baby' is 15 as well and isn't in good health so I can imagine what you are feeling. Now I have tears, thinking of Lily and of my Tiffany. (((hugs)))

  2. OH Ellen, I am so sorry. We also have a 15 yr old dog, whose issues are building up ... this morning he couldn't get himself up ... but Lily was blessed to have such a loving family who will always remember her.
    Give our love to the girls, we will remember you all in our prayers, know that you have done a fine thing, and the last truly loving thing you can do, for an animal who trusted you not to let her hurt.

  3. Thanks so much for your kind words! Yesterday was awful; today is a bit better. Friends who've had to go through the same thing have told me to expect to be sad for a long time. Deep love necessitates deep bereavement; and I am bereft.

  4. Ellen,

    I'm deeply sorry that you've lost Lily.

    Anyone who has ever loved a dog will know what you're going through.

    She was a good age and has had a good life and your sorrow will diminish as the days go on.

    Bless you.

    Irene x

  5. Irene, thank you so much. It really makes a difference to have people (friends I've met and friends I haven't) reaching out with condolences. I feel peaceful instead of unduly depressed. We who have dogs in our family are especially blessed, aren't we?



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