Thursday, November 19, 2009

Book Suggestions for Pre-Teen Girls

I am always on the lookout for book suggestions for Miss Priss. Tiny Girl likes to read, but Miss Priss is my avid reader right now. (I have hopes that T.G. will blossom in a year or so.) I stumbled upon this member discussion on Amazon, and thought I'd pass it along. Obviously, you'll need to use your own discretion about what's right for your family; but it never hurts to have some titles on a list for future reference.

The discussion made an impression on me because Miss Priss just recently asked me if she could read the original Little Women. I hesitated. Well, it's really long and the language can be a bit archaic! But we read literature chock-full of archaic language in our lessons every day, so she'd probably have no problems. And she's reading The Princess and the Goblin with no problems whatsoever. After reading this discussion, I'm telling her to go for it. I know she'll love Little Women; I did, and I wasn't much older than she.


  1. H devoured Little Women, Good Wives, Jo's Boys and Little Men - Boo (who is also 10) read Little Women a while ago, and is now reading Good Wives ( had to step in because the copy she brought home from school was abridged, so she was provided with the home copy, with *all* the words in it!)
    They both have also read to various points in the Anne of Green Gables saga, and of course, their beloved Swallows and Amazons. I believe somewhat archaic language stretches their capacity for vocabulary - and so many of their contemporaries have such woefully limited vocabulary - that has to be a good thing!
    Has she read 'Children of the New Forest'? (there may be some violent episodes in there you might not like) - my two came out of that with an awesome (if biased, and in my opinion slightly the wrong way!!!) knowledge of the ECW!

  2. Jackie, I totally agree with you about archaic language stretching their vocabulary! And thanks for the suggestions. We have not yet read _Children of the New Forest_, although I know it's an AO selection. Based on your comments, I'll add it to our list.


  3. Hi Ellen,
    Alicia read the Christy Miller series this summer, and really enjoyed it. It was on her schools suggested reading list for the summer. Alicia feels it would be better for when Amelia is twelve because the topic of underage drinking and suicide is brought up. It was nice for her to read about these situations from a Christian author, it reinforced everything we had discussed.


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