Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Getting Ready to Say Good-Bye

This is our last week in Maine. Miss Priss is ready to go home; she misses her friends. Tiny Girl and I are not. While we miss our friends at home, it's always sad for us to leave our friends and life in Maine.

Frankly, I like my life better in Maine.

As my good friends know, all I want is a quiet life (in the words of the inimitable Digby Whitman). It eludes me in my city (okay, suburbs, but sometimes that's worse), but I wallow in a quiet life in Maine. I hang clothes on a clothesline here (not allowed in my neighborhood back home). We enjoy casual, drop-in visits with our friends and neighbors in Maine. Drop-in visits are almost unheard-of at home; everyone's too busy. We sit on our dock and watch the bald eagle and ospreys circle high above the lake. We watch the herons and loons with our binoculars. We read and play games and relax.

At home, we are busy with activities almost every day of the week. Some weeks, every day is filled. It's exhausting to think about now.

But I've done this for a few years now. Although there is a bit of re-acclimation time, both the girls and I adapt. We enjoy our activities. The city where we live offers many events and opportunities for educational and just plain fun things to do. And we'll throw ourselves into our lives there with abandon.

Until next spring, when we'll all begin to long for Maine. . . .

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