Friday, August 14, 2009

Angst Abated; OR How Things Fall into Place

I'm feeling better now, although I'm not sure why. I am grateful that anxiety attacks over whether or not I am ruining my daughters don't last that long. A few things happened to help.

Today we are at the library in our small town here in Maine. We were here yesterday, as well, for me to hook up to their wonderful WiFi connection, when Miss Priss (somehow) began to help the children's librarian, Miss Joanne, plan for today's young children's story and craft time. Before I knew it, both girls were selecting the story and craft, making copies, cutting out paper frogs, and making plans to bring in other supplies needed and assist this morning. We came in early this morning for them to prepare further. Now, they are upstairs with Miss Joanne and 20 preschoolers/young elementary children, making the craft; then they'll help clean up.

I sit here, astounded. First, because Miss Priss took major initiative with this entire project. It was amazing to witness; she seemed so mature and responsible throughout. Also, it stikes me that nothing like this could have occurred so naturally at our library at home, which is much larger and the librarians do not know us by name (perhaps not even by sight, although we are there a lot). Moreover, were we not homeschooling, it couldn't have happened at all.

In another scene, Tiny Girl and I sat down together yesterday (still at the library) and talked about our plans for her school year. She had many ideas, which I wrote down, and we both were excited about some things we're planning to try, such as a research project on horses for her alone. Miss Priss have yet to have her planning time, but she and I are looking forward to it.

And it all makes me think how grace flows in quietly, mysteriously, often when and where we're not even looking for it or expecting it. But it's perfect, every time.

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