Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sum- Sum- Summertime??

Here we are in Maine! And it was 59 degrees this morning. Lots of wet, cool weather -- not what I expected for July. I only have three long-sleeved shirts, so I'm wearing the same things over and over again. We're managing to have some fun anyway.

However, I've hit a few technical snags. I only have dial-up Internet access at the cabin. There's only so much one can do with dial-up. And waiting for pages to load. . . It's like having your toenails yanked out without the pain, just the mental agony. I can't make updates to my blog. So here I sit at the town library, blogging under the gun. Way more pressure. All the good ideas I had have flown out of my brain.

The drive up was fine, although if I never hear the song "You Can Call Me Al," by Paul Simon, ever again, that will be fine with me. It became one of Tiny Girl's favorites along the way.

Then we arrived (raining and 61 degrees for a high the first day). Despite the weather, we've seen friends and eaten lobsters and clams. We've been out on the boat a few times, whenever the weather cooperated. What more could I want? Well, maybe a little sunshine.

Oh, joy! I just heard the librarian tell a patron that she can use her laptop here in the library to access the Internet. I'll do that next time and post some photos.

Until then, I'll keep my fingers crossed for some summer weather!

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