Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mildewing in Maine

Rain, rain, go away. Here I sit with a cup of P.G. Tips (with milk and sugar), watching the rain drizzle down this morning. A commonplace scene this summer. The girls are sniffly and sneezy and a tad cranky. We are playing a lot of card games (Trash being our current favorite) and making quite a few crafts. Oh, and DVDs.

Two days ago was an almost perfect summer day. We all went swimming. The girls have been in the lake many times already, but I've protested that the water's too cold, the breeze too strong (I'm most definitely a Southern girl), and other excuses. But I made an exception on Monday, since the sun was out and the breeze was gentle. So we all swam out to our floating dock and had fun jumping off the dock into the lake. Talk about jolting a person out of her stupor! The water was frigid.

But that was a brief moment, and now we're back to the typical sort of day for this summer. Ah, well.

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  1. Oh well at least you've got a cup of PG in the rain, you can pretend you're in England (old)!
    Click on the link in my blog and do the Where I'm From template, that'll pass a wet afternoon or two!


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