Monday, June 22, 2009

Just-Comfy Homes and Gardens

I just received my monthly issue of Better Homes and Gardens, a magazine I enjoy flipping through, but whose title makes me wince. Better than what? I want to know. After a brief flip through the pages, I know: better than mine.

I was once I contented gardener; if not passionate, then definitely enthusiastic. We lived in our first house seven years, and every spring found me in the yard, planting all sorts of different flowering things. That house oozed curb appeal when all was a-blooming. Alas, that was then, and things are different now. I still love flowers, but I lack the time and inclination to putter about the flower garden nowadays. I find I prefer to plant perennials and flowering shrubs that require minimal fuss, with a few annuals for all-season color.

Over the winter, my dh took out many gargantuan and hideous hollies and boxwoods that were along the front of the house. We planted Knockout roses and dwarf pampas grass in their place.

I also have two other rosebushes. One is a fabulous yellow rose than reblooms every time I prune it, spring through fall. Dh gave it to me for my birthday several years ago. We've moved it twice, and it continues to thrive. (Please kindly overlook the bug-nibbled foliage.)

I planted this hydrangea last spring, and was delighted to see it bloom this year. It will really be lovely in a few years. Another hydrangea did not bloom at all. I'm not sure if it's getting enough sun, or perhaps I need to feed it with a bloom booster-type fertilizer.

My shasta daisies finally bloomed! This one was the first to unfold its petals.

My garden certainly isn't professionally planned or landscaped, and I doubt any magazine will come knocking down my door to photograph its beauteous bounty, but every flower makes me happy. What more could I ask?

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